Senin, 14 November 2016

Andrew Leonard

'You may find this book as addictive as Minecraft.'—Slate'At the core of the story of Minecraft is the lesson that success is possible, if you have a good idea and the passion and skill to pursue it. Minecraft is indeed an unlikely tale. That’s what makes it so great, and that’s why this little book will make a terrific holiday gift for the gamer in your life.”—Andrew Leonard, Salon'Minecraft is a beautifully human's well worth a read and offers, at the very least, inspiration, and at the very most, hope.'—TechCrunch'This book takes his story and gives you a closer look. You learn about the man behind the game. His childhood, his family, the growth of his company and the lives of the people who work there. It doesn’t just give you the big enormous, glamour-filled cut scenes that you read about on the Internet. This book gives you the pixels, the details.'—Book Riot'Suspenseful, grounded, and startlingly relatable. I expected a book about Minecraft; what I got was a compelling story about personal struggle and accomplishment. A perfect gift for Minecraft players, parents of younger players, or anyone interested in indie games.'—Game Skinny'Pulls itself along with the narrative compulsion of a tech biography...outlines a cultural phenomenon in ways that even those who've missed out up 'til now can understand.'—The Stranger'I have been following Minecraft closely for over three years, and yet this book consistently surprised me with new insights into the game's development.  It focuses on the human story behind all those pixellated blocks. I have a new respect for Notch's accomplishments with Minecraft and for all the hard work that the Mojang'ers have devoted to making the game such a phenomenon. This book offers a fascinating and honest peek into the mind of the man who made Minecraft a reality.'—Joel Levin, MinecraftEdu co-creator 'This book explores the man behind the game to a depth that you won't, and that you can't, find anywhere else. In this work, Markus 'Notch' Persson has revealed everything about the events that led to an international super-phenomenon. The resulting story will fascinate and inspire.'—Sethbling, Minecraft video maker From the Hardcover edition.

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